Monday, August 20, 2012

My favorite Man.... Mr. Potato Head!

Who could not love Mr. Potato Head? He's adorable, funny, and so stinking cute! The world is endless with possibilities when it comes to Mr. Potato Head. In my classroom the theme is "Be a SPUD, not a DUD!" I have a large collection of Mr. Potato Head parts kept in a large bucket. When the class meets one of our expectations for behavior, cooperative learning, or receives a compliment for hallway behavior or behavior in special classes, then a part on Mr. Potato Head is awarded. One student is then selected to add a part to our once "naked spud". The students can select from a large collection of parts to build either a traditional Mr. Potato Head, or a silly one designed by the class. As the year continues, I increase the required number of accessories for the class to meet their goal. For example, a complete spud must be built plus 3 accessories. The accessories can include glasses, objects in his or her hands, a pocketbook if building a girl spud or maybe a briefcase. There are so many things that you can do with such an adorable little potato!
You'll notice from the pictures that my collection has grown considerably! You know how it is, when a class knows that you like something- then its all you get! I love it! To date I have over 50 unique Mr. or Mrs. Potato Heads that are displayed around the room. You would be surprised how many different spuds  are out there.


  1. Hey Lady- love your potato heads! I actually wrote about Mr. Potato a few weeks ago too (except I was encouraging people to eat him!) Don't hate me...

  2. Love all of the Potato heads. What a fun theme. I love the look of your blog. Your header is actually all of the colors of my classroom: Black and white with neon green, blue, and pink accents. I cannot wait to follow along with your blog :) Welcome to blogging :)

    My (Not So) Elementary Life

  3. I love your Mr. Potato head collection! too cute!

  4. That is a lot of Mr. Potato Heads! So cute though!

    Teaching in Room 6