Monday, August 20, 2012

Classroom pictures!

This is just one picture of the front of my room. Above the whiteboard will be student made portraits. On the front board are a few things. One is our class grafitti wall. In our new reading series, Lead 21, the students keep on ongoing board to collect pictures, artifacts, and post-it notes with their thinking. Love this! You will also see my Homeworkopoly board. I got this idea from the amazing blog, This is new this year... we'll see how it goes!

This is the second picture of my front wall. You'll notice the smart board! How amazing is a smart board. I use the smartboard for everything. My grade level partners and I have created almost everything with smart notebook software. To the left of the smart board is our class IPad. This is a challenge board for students who finish early. Moving more to the left you will see our bullentin board of reading strategies.

Books, books, books!!!!! I love my class library! In a future post, I will share how it is organized. Something new this year is my CRAFT board. I know many of you out there have a craft board. I have to credit mine to Great stuff! There are hanging stars and planets to the right in the picture. 

Obviously this is the sink area. Above the sink you will see black and white frames. This is from the new Black and white collection from Creative Teaching Press. I plan on taking black and white pictures of my kiddos and place them in the frames. I figured this was not an instructional area, so why not create a place to celebrate our classroom family.

Boggle! Who doesn't love Boggle. I know there are many of you out there already doing this! Great for the Daily 5 Word Work.

Birthday bags already set up and ready for the celebrating!
This is my teacher area. You'll notice Alf and just a few of my 50+ Potato Heads! More to come in a future post about these two favorite classroom accessories!

If your like me, I love looking at pictures of classrooms. I always get so many ideas. I wanted to post some pictures so you can see a little more about me. I tried to add captions for each picture- but they are not showing up! :( You will see a few familiar things. I did get some ideas from! What a great blog that is!

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